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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Office decor inspiration: Olivia Palermo's NYC office

If I'm looking for fashion inspiration, my ultimate resource is the classic and elegant Olivia Palermo. Her style is effortlessly chic and she has a unique ability to blend clashing patterns seamlessly. Its no surprise she takes the same approach with her art selection. A recent glamour magazine shoot gave a sneak peak into how this gorgeous lady styles her walls in her beautiful home office. Like many of her fashionable outfits Olivia has chosen clashing art styles and images with a mix of bright patterns and colors. While this wall decor approach can often be risky, it works effectively in this space. The key here is to keep walls white and minimalist with clutter free furniture. In this way the art does the talking without overshadowing the rest of the room. One of my favorite discoveries in Olivia's art choices is her love of fashion illustrations. She has a number of them positioned on her gallery wall. Fashion illustrations are an excellent wall art choice for any young fashionista and work perfectly in and bedroom or office space. Get more gallery wall inspiration here!


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wall art inspiration: Framed Jewelry

How many of us have an old jewelry box stuffed of necklaces and bracelets that we hardly ever wear? I myself have an overflowing box on my dresser filled with thoughtful gifts and birthday presents, which have great sentimental value, but I never get a chance to wear. While going through my jewelry collection over the weekend I thought that it was such a shame to keep them hidden away and have decided to frame a few of my favorite pieces to add to my art collection. Looking for inspiration on how to frame jewelry, I came across this picture online. I love how this homeowner has used their jewelry to create a very personal gallery wall. Each piece, although unique, is framed in a similar style which adds a sense of cohesion and uniformity to the collection. The black backdrop provides the perfect showcase for each jewelry item letting the individual colors and patterns stand out. The end result is a stylish and sophisticated display. I'm going to try and recreate this (albeit on a smaller scale) in my home.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lauren Conrad gallery wall inspiration

Lauren Conrad is a true style icon. The 28 year old Californian girl has class and sophistication in both her enviable wardrobe and (thanks to a feature by in Style magazine this week) her Beverly Hills home. One part I was particularly excited to see was her beautiful art display in her office area. Lauren described her decor as "pretty similar to my style when I’m dressing myself,” and this is perfectly exemplified in her gallery wall. The pieces she has chosen are timeless and elegant, there are no gaudy bright colors or patterns, instead Lauren has chosen timeless hues of neutrals with complimenting tones. She has chosen to place some mirrors in between the artwork which is always a great idea for any gallery wall as they can reflect the colors of the room decor and bring the whole room together. While her artwork itself is quite varied, ranging from oil painted flowers to simple pencil sketches, Lauren cleverly uses frames with gold accents to create cohesion. The finished wall is elegant and timeless, just like the girl herself.

Life after The Hills: Lauren Conrad showed off her chic Beverly Hills penthouse in the latest issue of InStyle

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wall decor inspiration: Tree decals

Trees are a great reminder of growth and longevity and are used throughout the world as symbols of strength and resilience. This is why trees make great additions to any room. While it is practically impossible to decorate with real living trees a great alternative is to use tree decals. These come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect additions to any room from nursery's to bedrooms.

How great do these bookshelves look on this white tree decal? I also love the addition of little birds flying around overhead. I think this decal would be perfectly placed in a little boys bedroom.

Another way to utilize the many branches of tree decals is to incorporate some pictures into the design. This white decal is a great background for a nursery gallery wall and I love how each picture represents all stages of the babies growth just like each branch reflects the growth and age of a tree.

Tree decals are also the prefect backdrop to display family photographs. What better place to display your "family tree" than on an actual tree! Such a cute idea for a family living room!

A huge range of tree decals are available here! What do you think of this wall decor trend?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Artist Spotlight: Inslee Haynes

The New York based artist Inslee Haynes is just about as girly as they get. Her beautiful drawings perfectly capture everything from female friendships to shopping sprees in the most glamorous style. The "Inslee girl" is the epitome of chic, strutting the streets of Manhattan with a starbucks in one hand and the latest it-bag in the other. Its not surprising her girly illustrations have graced the pages of countless magazines and have been commissioned by top brands such as Rachel Zoe and Neiman Marcus. Inslees designs would make the perfect addition to any girls gallery wall and a selection of prints are available to purchase on her website.

inslee haynes prints

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Easy DIY wall art tutorial: Kiss Kiss Kiss

Looking for some simple wall art ideas? This DIY wall art idea is one of the easiest pieces you could ever make, but looks amazing on any wall. It will literally take less than five minutes and uses items every girl has at their disposal. All you need is a sheet of white paper and some colored lipsticks and follow the steps below!

Easy DIY wall art step 1

Easy DIY wall art step 2

Easy DIY wall art step 3

Easy DIY wall art step 4

Easy DIY wall art

Easy and effective! Wouldn't this piece be perfect for any girls bedroom?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Wall decor ideas; Tree branch art

Following on from the fall wall decor tips I thought it would be a great idea to offer some more ideas about how to bring the outdoors inside. One great way of adding some nature to the home is to use some frames branches. Tree branches can make great art pieces as they go with any decor in the home and their unique colors and shapes make excellent abstract art. Framed branches are such an easy DIY piece too, simply pick a frame and saw down some interesting shaped branches to size. Volia, art by the most famous artist of our time, Mother Nature!

FRAMED Tree Branches Handmade Original Paper Cut: Hand-Cut Paper Art Silhouette - 22.24 x 12.6 inches (56.5 x 32 cm)

white birch forest  organic white birch wood by urbanplusforest, $100.00 by cherrylynne.enriquez

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