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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Laundry room decals

Deciding on laundry room wall decor is often very daunting. Space is usually quite limited and any art pieces have to withstand the day to day challenges of laundry room life such as changing temperatures and condensation build up. While choosing laundry themed art pieces is a great way to add some interest to those bare walls, another laundry room art idea is to liven up the existing decor with some themed laundry room decals.

I love the color scheme of this laundry room and this black decal adds a hint of humor to the blank walls.

Another added bonus is that decals are usually cheaper than any art print. This "Laundry today or naked tomorrow" decal is only $5.99

In addition to being inexpensive, decals are also fully removable making then a perfect alternative to traditional hanging art prints. Are you ready to make the switch to decals?


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