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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Wall art inspiration: Scratch World Maps

One of the common difficulties many people face with wall art decor is that often they feel no connection to the pictures, other than they look nice, and fit in with the room color scheme. People always ask me how to make wall art more personal or feel a connection to the pieces they display in their homes. Although choosing art is a very subjective process, a recommendation I always give to people wanting to add some personality to their walls are scratch world maps!

The design of these maps is so clever. They come with a scratchable surface (just like a lottery ticket) meaning the owner can scratch off all the places they have visited on their travels!! Ingenious!!!

These maps would make the perfect addition to any home and would look great on any room wall. I absolutely love how this desk space has been transformed with the addition of a world map. The ideal place to daydream about those endless adventures lying in store when the countries you've always dreamed about visiting can finally be scratched off! A great motivational tool for any work space!

And wouldn't a scratch map make  the perfect housewarming gift for a new couple who have just moved in together or a wedding present for a pair of newlyweds about to start their lives together!


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