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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fall wall decor ideas

Just as the turning of the leaves heralds a new fall wardrobe, a seasonal change is an excellent chance to update your home decor. I truly believe that like the new year, every season should be celebrated as a way to start afresh and let go of the past and I always try to acknowledge that in my home by updating my wall decor to reflect the current season. Fall is my favorite season and adding an autumnal influence to my interior design is something I do once a year. Below are some great simple ways to decorate your walls for fall.

1. Framed fall letters. I always keep some empty matching frames in storage as they are the easiest way to add a seasonal theme to my wall decor. One great way to do this is to simply print out some letters in the colors that reflect that particular season. For fall I use brown and orange tones, and when I transition to winter I print out those letters in blues and grays. Painting the frames an autumnal color adds additional effect.

Cute fall craft--DIY framed fall decor - would be better with an autumn type scrapbook paper

2. Fall wall wreath. While most people associate wreaths with Christmas and winter decor, in actual fact wreaths can be utilized effectively for any season or specific time of year. They add a beautiful 3-D effect to any wall and can also be hung over a mantle for a warming touch to the living room. Wreaths are very simple to construct. Just buy a circular piece of foam from any hardware store or haberdashery and pin in a variety of autumn leaves and berries.

Decorating Ideas, : Enchanting Mantel Decoration For Wood Fireplace Design Ideas With Reddish Flower Wreath Decoration, Vintage Table Clock And Vintage Brass Framed Wall Mirror

3. Fall themed prints. Updating wall art is the easiest way to adapt your decor for the current season. Fall themed wall art and prints are available from a variety of sources and are usually very inexpensive. I usually buy one or two prints a season from amazon or etsy and add to existing frames on my walls. Prints are also a great reminder of what is so special about each season.

Fall Decoration

4. Framed leaves. Nothing is more autumnal than the changing of leaves from green to the vibrant earthy colors of orange, yellow and brown. Why not bring the outdoors inside and use natures ready made art to update your walls by framing a selection of autumn leaves. The simplest way to preserve leaves is by pressing them flat between two books. A little trick I always use is to place two sheets of absorbent paper either side to remove all traces of moisture, which is the key to keeping them in their original state. Once pressed, remove carefully, as they are usually very delicate and prone to cracks. Mount each leaf in a suitable frame using glue or place between two panes of clear glass. So simple yet so effective!

Centsational Girl » Blog Archive » Transitioning Your Home For Fall. I want to try pressing a leaf between 2 panes of glass.

5. Chalkboards. One wall decor tip I always give people is to invest in a framed chalkboard. That way there is an ever changing source of artwork for the home. Chalkboards are great as they can be easily illustrated with various themed writing and images, and updated and changed whenever necessary. Some chalkboard illustrations you can use for autumn are pumpkins and leaves. Otherwise some simply typography can be used to great effect.

FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: Fall is in the air

How are you decorating your walls for fall?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wall decor inspiration: Whitney Port gallery wall

Whitney Port is the ultimate California girl style icon with her colorful bohemian clothing and relaxed attitude. Its not surprising he boho sense of personal style also translates to her beautiful home. While browsing pictures from Domaine Home I came across some pictures of her gorgeous gallery wall. I love how she has incorporated that Californian cool with images of palm trees and blue seas. Her prints are mostly pastel colored to perfectly compliment her furniture and decor. I love this look and think it would be perfect for any beach home.  

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Harry Potter themed wall art

From the first moment I picked up a Harry Potter book and read that immortal line "You're a wizard Harry", I was spellbound. My teenage years (and many of my twenties) involved midnight queues to get my hands on the latest adventures and pilgrimages to the local cinema to see the books come to life on the big screen. While often mistaken for children's literature the books dealt with complex adult themes such as love, death and the power of friendship. Through the power of Harry Potter books I learned life lessons about courage and morality, and the struggle between good and evil, issues which we all face in the adult world. Some passages and lines in the books can be a source of inspiration and motivation in day to day struggles and quotes by Albus Dumbledore are some of my favorite of all time. Harry Potter themed wall art and prints can be a great decor idea and they are instantly recognizable and so beloved by Harry Potter fans of all ages. Here are some Harry Potter wall art ideas.

I love these Dumbledore quotes which always served as a guiding light to Harry when times were tough. They would be perfect in an office or over a desk space.

Albus Dumbledore quote print set of 4 - Harry Potter art print  - inspirational wall art , kids room decor, dorm decor
And wouldn't the opening line of The Marauder's Map be perfectly placed in a child's nursery or playroom.

  Perfect for a Potter nerd!

And perhaps my favorite line in the entire series was when Snape displayed his unwavering love for Lily. Both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. 

Perfect for a Potter nerd!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Wall decor ideas: Eye chart art

Looking for a unique wall art idea? How about an eye chart print! Once confined to the corner of your doctors office these charts are sprouting up on walls across the world. They are a perfect art piece for anyone with a modern home due to their simple design and streamlined script. Wouldn't eye charts also be a fun addition to a gallery wall as their black and white fonts would fit in perfectly with any other wall art colors and patterns? Find a selection of eye chart wall prints here!

Wall Art Print Eye Chart love quote art by DallowayPlace on Etsy

Baby Nursery Art Print Eye Chart - typography poster kids wall art decor nursery wall art boy girl baby gift - Here Comes The Sun 12x18 ordered it in orange and white!

Black and White Gallery Wall with FREE Printables by @tarynatddd

Saturday, 16 August 2014

10 dorm room wall decor ideas

For three quarters of the year your college dorm room is essentially your home away from home. Between sleeping, studying and hanging out, its important that dorm room decor is not only comfortable but also functional. While countless house are spend deciding on color schemes and bedding options, one often neglected area are your dorm room walls. Utilizing that dorm room wall space in an effective manner is a great way to add a personal touch to your small sanctuary. Here are some great dorm room wall decor ideas!

1. Sticker frames. Punching holes and hanging artwork are sometimes strictly prohibited in college dorms and these wall sticker frames can be a great alternative. Simple place over the top of poster prints or photographs for a stylish way to accentuate any artwork.

2. Dry erase calendar decal: Between lecture schedules and assignment deadlines organizing your college timetable can easily be one of the most stressful experiences of the semester. These dry erase calender decals are an excellent way to keep track of all activities. Their peel and stick makes them super easy to attach to dorm room walls without the need for any adhesive.

Dry-Erase Calendar Decal

3. Monograms: What better way to personalize your space than with a wall monogram. These can be custom made from etsy in a variety of colors and designs to match your dorm room decor. Monograms would also make the perfect addition to any sorority house bedroom.

Metal Wall Monograms- AMAZING Statement piece!! 16 "x 20" size.  Wedding gift- Baby room- Bedroom- Preppy!

4. Inspirational quotes: Adding inspirational quotes to your walls is a great way to remind you of the reason you are in college in the first place: to achieve your dreams. Having the right guiding words around can really provide motivation and inspiration when times are tough.

"Dreams don't work unless you do" Free inspirational quote printable #dreams #quotes #display #teengirl #girl #quote #decor

5. Decorate with accessories: Dorm room space is often limited meaning storage can become a major issue. Often accessories like bracelets, earrings and necklaces can get thrown in drawers and forgotten about! However jewelry is a great way to make original wall art. Use some simple wall hooks and put those one of a kind pieces on display.

6. Bulletin board: Dorm room bulletin boards are an essential college item. They are a great way to keep organised and post important reminders for upcoming events. Many dorm rooms come complete with built in corkboards which can be easily personalized with some wall paper or cute colored paper. If your dorm room comes without don't forget to add one to your shopping list.

diy pin board jpg

7. Decals: As painting your dorm room will be strictly prohibited, using wall decals is a great way to bring color and personality to your small space. Decals are peel and place stickers that are available in a variety of fun designs and colors. Most importantly they are 100% removable and are thus a perfect decor idea for dorm room walls.

8. Laundry line: A laundry line across your dorm room wall is an easy and inexpensive DIY wall decor idea. Simply attach a line of string across your wall using tape or nails and place some wooden clothes pegs on the string (paperclips also work quite well). Then hang any pictures or momentos you want to display. And if you make some new college memories you want to keep close then you can easily change the hanging images or just add more clothes pegs.

9. Fairy lights: When it comes to dorm room wall decor nothing adds more ambiance or atmosphere than some string lighting. Christmas or fairy lights are usually a popular choice as they can be easily purchased in a variety of lengths and varieties.

10. String state art: Inevitably one of the hardest things about moving into your college dorm is being away from home. One way to keep this at bay is to keep some reminders of your home state close by. String state art had become a big decor trend in recent months and can be easily crafted with a few simple supplies. Print off an picture of your home state and use as a template on a flat piece of wood. Place some small nails along the outline and wrap string around the nails to color the state design.

Have you any ideas for dorm room wall decor?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Shabby chic wall decor inspiration

Shabby chic is one of the biggest trends in decor this year. Rustic furniture and pastel shades are adorning countless kitchens and living rooms across the world! I've compiled some wall decor ideas to compliment this trend. Hope you get some inspiration for your own shabby chic rooms! 

Shabby chic gallery wall

Monday, 4 August 2014

Banksy wall art: There is always hope

One of my favorite contemporary artists is the English graffiti artist known as Banksy. His characteristic stencil technique is instantly recognizable and his thought provoking work has ensured that even the most harsh art critic can appreciate his unique point of view. Although many of his creations have captured the hearts of the general public, perhaps his most famous graffiti piece is the one discovered in London in 2002 commonly known as "Girl With Balloon". In this work a young girl reaches for a red heart shaped balloon which is just beyond her grasp. Behind her is a quote which reads "there is always hope". While open to interpretation, like many of Bankys works, to me this piece signifies that what our heart desires is always within our reach, even if it requires a little stretch. This piece has been reproduced on posters and prints throughout the world and I keep a copy on my walls to remind myself everyday that all goals are attainable with hard work and dedication.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wall decor ideas: Wishbone wall hook

Wishbones are such a cute wall decor idea. A symbol of good luck since the early ages when people would hold each side of the unbroken bone and make a wish as they pulled it apart which coined the term "lucky break"! Today wishbones are worn as amulets in pendants and jewelry to represent wish fulfillment and good luck. Gold plated wishbones would make the perfect addition to any gallery wall and are the most perfect house-warming gift. I'm know I'm going to add one to my "wish" list!!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Office wall art inspiration: Polka dot decals

Looking for a fun way to spruce up an office space? How about using polka dot decals to totally transpire those boring bare walls. These are available in a myriad of colors and sizes to suit any cubicle or work station.

12 DIY Projects to Spruce Up a Dorm Room

Mirror gallery wall

Mirror mirror on the wall... One of the biggest trends in gallery wall design this year is a wall adorned with mirrors of all shapes and sizes. This trend is a great way to add a statement wall to any room. Mirrors also add to the illusion of space making any room more open and bright.

Adding a mirror gallery wall to your own home is just as easy as using artwork. Mirrors can be easily sources from car boot sales and thrift stores and using a mix of both modern and antique designs adds to the interest of the wall. Here are some great ways to use mirrors to their full effect.

Layering: I love how this wall rocks the layered look. The key to this design is using a variety of colors and shapes and creating a cohesive pattern.

Framing: As mirrors alone are devoid of design using unique frames to a great way to add interest to otherwise bare walls. When browsing through thrift shops I sometimes pick up antique pictures and throw away the actual artwork because its the frame itself which I want for my walls. Alternatively store bought frames can easily be made to look old and distressed by using sandpaper or wood stains.  


Adding dimension: Spherical mirrors such as convex or concave mirrors can add a sense of depth and dimension to flat walls. These curved surface or these mirrors also reflect light in a different way meaning room reflections will look interesting and varied. 

Mirror Gallery Wall

Use the floor: Who says mirrors have to go on the walls? Using floor space to place a gallery of mirrors is a great way of adding length to rooms and makes those ceilings look sky high. This decor idea would be great in a bedroom as low lever mirrors would be both functional and practical. 


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