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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mirror gallery wall

Mirror mirror on the wall... One of the biggest trends in gallery wall design this year is a wall adorned with mirrors of all shapes and sizes. This trend is a great way to add a statement wall to any room. Mirrors also add to the illusion of space making any room more open and bright.

Adding a mirror gallery wall to your own home is just as easy as using artwork. Mirrors can be easily sources from car boot sales and thrift stores and using a mix of both modern and antique designs adds to the interest of the wall. Here are some great ways to use mirrors to their full effect.

Layering: I love how this wall rocks the layered look. The key to this design is using a variety of colors and shapes and creating a cohesive pattern.

Framing: As mirrors alone are devoid of design using unique frames to a great way to add interest to otherwise bare walls. When browsing through thrift shops I sometimes pick up antique pictures and throw away the actual artwork because its the frame itself which I want for my walls. Alternatively store bought frames can easily be made to look old and distressed by using sandpaper or wood stains.  


Adding dimension: Spherical mirrors such as convex or concave mirrors can add a sense of depth and dimension to flat walls. These curved surface or these mirrors also reflect light in a different way meaning room reflections will look interesting and varied. 

Mirror Gallery Wall

Use the floor: Who says mirrors have to go on the walls? Using floor space to place a gallery of mirrors is a great way of adding length to rooms and makes those ceilings look sky high. This decor idea would be great in a bedroom as low lever mirrors would be both functional and practical. 



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