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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wall art inspiration: Framed Jewelry

How many of us have an old jewelry box stuffed of necklaces and bracelets that we hardly ever wear? I myself have an overflowing box on my dresser filled with thoughtful gifts and birthday presents, which have great sentimental value, but I never get a chance to wear. While going through my jewelry collection over the weekend I thought that it was such a shame to keep them hidden away and have decided to frame a few of my favorite pieces to add to my art collection. Looking for inspiration on how to frame jewelry, I came across this picture online. I love how this homeowner has used their jewelry to create a very personal gallery wall. Each piece, although unique, is framed in a similar style which adds a sense of cohesion and uniformity to the collection. The black backdrop provides the perfect showcase for each jewelry item letting the individual colors and patterns stand out. The end result is a stylish and sophisticated display. I'm going to try and recreate this (albeit on a smaller scale) in my home.


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