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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Wall decor ideas: Scrabble art

Who doesn't love a game of scrabble? Before the days of video games and phone apps those little alphabet squared provided hours of entertainment and were a staple in every home. I think scrabble art is a fun way to decorate any room wall.

How cute is this scrabble art piece on decorchicks nursery room wall. She has used black letters on light wood which would compliment any wall color. I love the way she has replaced the corner numbers with little decorative pictures. There is a complete DIY guide on her blog!


Scrabble art has been used to great effect in this living room. The square pieces are a perfect accompaniment to the contemporary and colorful decor in the rest of the room.

DIY Scrabble Art

The best thing about having individual letter pieces is that they can be easily arranged to form words. Perhaps the name of children in a nursery or some inspirational words for the office area.

Who knew scrabble letters could look so great? A range of letters is available here for all your decor needs.


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