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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wall decor inspiration: Tree decals

Trees are a great reminder of growth and longevity and are used throughout the world as symbols of strength and resilience. This is why trees make great additions to any room. While it is practically impossible to decorate with real living trees a great alternative is to use tree decals. These come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect additions to any room from nursery's to bedrooms.

How great do these bookshelves look on this white tree decal? I also love the addition of little birds flying around overhead. I think this decal would be perfectly placed in a little boys bedroom.

Another way to utilize the many branches of tree decals is to incorporate some pictures into the design. This white decal is a great background for a nursery gallery wall and I love how each picture represents all stages of the babies growth just like each branch reflects the growth and age of a tree.

Tree decals are also the prefect backdrop to display family photographs. What better place to display your "family tree" than on an actual tree! Such a cute idea for a family living room!

A huge range of tree decals are available here! What do you think of this wall decor trend?


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